Hydron has over 30 years of experience supplying and manufacturing condensate pumps.

Throughout this time, Hydron Pumps has been at the forefront of condensate pump development, identifying and designing solutions to meet the changing needs of the air conditioning and refrigeration markets and meet the needs of distributors and installers worldwide. Read more about our history here.

made in britain condensate pumps

Our new Hydron Phoenix range has been carefully designed to offer a comprehensive choice of products for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

It offers a modern design and construction, which means easy assembly and installation.

The Phoenix range also includes a selection of our Made in Britain pumps, which includes the DP30-S Dairy Case Pump offering a slim profile of just 60mm, making it the most compact solution on the market.

A comprehensive condensate pump solution is offered to customers where the retrofit is a consideration through our Legacy range; these pumps are also made here in our Sheffield production facility.

All our pumps have a two-year guarantee as standard, with our Made in Britain range offering a three-year guarantee.