The History of Hydron

Hydron Pumps is a division of BLE Lighting & Power Ltd.

Many years ago (1982) Bradley Lomas Electrolok (now known as BLE) decided to develop a range of electronic condensate pumps to supplement the up and coming Split Air Conditioning market in the UK. Back then sales reps would sell anything they could get their hands on and it just so happened that a sales rep employed by Bradley Lomas Electrolok also sold air conditioning and had knowledge of the marketplace.

At this time, there were condensate pumps on the market but these were mechanical with large tank pumps imported mainly from the USA and had limited pumping heads. Bradley Lomas Electrolok saw a niche in the market and set up a seperate company ‘Sandycott’, so that there wouldn’t be any confusion with what was primarily a lighting business.

Under the name ‘Sandycott’ Bradley Lomas Electrolok set their talented technical engineers; Craig Elliot and Gary Lax on designing and manufacturing the very first electrical condensate pump. Craig and Gary, who consider designing and manufacturing pumps a gratifying hobby, titled this creation ‘Sandytron’ and it was much smaller than anything anyone had ever seen from the states.

Then the Japanese entered the AC game.

They built Air Conditioning units that were much smaller, and Sandytron pumps were too big to fit them.

Bradley Lomas Electrolok adapted to this change and manufactured a new range of ‘Micro-Pumps’ that were 70% smaller and designed to fit into smaller Japanese units. With the development of these new pumps it was decided to rebrand the company to Hydron.

The company had great success selling condensate pumps all over the world

Over the years Hydron adapted with the market, developing and innovating products to suit all AC equipment and even some unique product for special applications.

The very first In-Duct Corner Condensate Pump was developed by Hydron, it was the first of its kind, ultra-slim and able to fit inside a pipe ducting along with cooling pipes. Hydron was also the very first to manufacture low profile dairy case pumps and they are now the most copied condensate pump in the world. Sometimes you can even find original Hydron technical drawings inside the instructions of modern day condensate pumps from different brands.

Hydron set up a trading partnership with an American company named Hartell which still remains active over 30 years later. Their products complemented the Hydron range and allowed both companies to become the only two in the world at that time who could offer a complete range of all types of condensate pumps for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Over time, Hydron’s commitment to innovation and customer requirement built up a reputation as the place to come for condensate pumps. The brand stood for quality and reliability and continues to carry that legacy today with the new range of Hydron Phoenix Condensate Pumps, designed to offer a high-quality, efficient solution to all condensate requirements.