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  • HYP-DP30-M Dairy Case Pump (product photograph)

    DP30-M Dairy Case Pump

    Refrigeration (icon)This product offers a low height of 70mm and is suitable for use in refrigeration cabinets. It is suitable for water up to 75ºC and is CE certified.


    • Low height – only 70mm
    • Suitable size for refrigeration cabinets
    • Stainless steel reservoir – suitable for up to 75ºC hot water
    • Built-in check valve
    £245.00 £294.00 incl.VAT
  • HYP-DP30-P (Dairy Case Pump)

    DP30-P Dairy Case Pump

    Refrigeration (icon)The product is specially designed for use in refrigeration cabinets and is made from durable ABS. It has a pumping head of 30 metres, a dual float control design and is CE Certified.


    • Suitable design for refrigeration cabinets
    • Durable ABS – lightweight and easy to clean
    • High discharge head
    • Dual float control design
    • Built-in check valve
    £355.00 £426.00 incl.VAT
  • Dairy Case Pump

    DP30-S Dairy Case Pump

    Refrigeration (icon)This product is a low profile, yet powerful, piston pump designed for use with dairy case installations. It’s ultra low height also means that it can be used for dairy cases where height is a restriction. It has been designed for when low gravity drain is not available.


    • Intelligent Overload Protection
    • Slim 60mm High Profile
    • High level alarm contacts
    • Inlet connection: 12.7mm ID
    • Outlet connection: 15mm OD
    • Built-in check valve
    £199.00 £238.80 incl.VAT