D21 In-Duct Corner Condensate Pump

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ACA range of condensate pumps for installation inside plastic ducting alongside the insulated cooling pipes. These pumps have pumping heads up to 8 metres. The pumps are CE certified and come complete with high-level alarm volt-free contacts and pump motor overload protection.


  • Quiet and no vibration
  • Highly reliable
  • High flow rate
  • Compact construction and easy assembly
  • Compact modern design suitable for small spaces
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Model HYP-D21
Input Voltage 100-230V AC, 50Hz-60Hz
Pumping Head 8 metres
Max Flow Rate 20ltr/hr
Tank Capacity 55ml
Noise Level 21dBA
Maximum Cooling Capacity 15kW (45,000btu)
Ambient Temperature 0 - 50ÂșC
Power Consumption 3W



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