RS21 Remote Sensor Condensate Pump

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ACA range of condensate pumps for installation where the sensor can be mounted internally to the indoor unit and the pump is mounted remotely. These pumps have pumping heads up to 8 metres. The pumps are CE certified and come complete with high-level alarm volt-free contacts and pump motor overload protection.


  • Quiet and no vibration
  • Highly reliable
  • High flow rate
  • Compact construction and easy assembly
  • Compact modern design
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Model HYP-RS21
Input Voltage 100-230V AC, 50Hz-60Hz
Pumping Head 20 metres
Max Flow Rate 20ltr/hr
Tank Capacity 35ml
Noise Level 21dBA
Maximum Cooling Capacity 15kW (45,000BTU)
Ambient Temperature 0 - 50ÂșC
Power Consumption 3W



HYP-RS11 & HYP-RS21 Remote Sensor Condensate Pumps Dimensions Diagram